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Our philosophy

Horizonty – it means providing comprehensive language services for the full satisfaction of our customers.

You will find us conveniently located in the city centre whether you are in České Budějovice or in Prague. Our experience in providing language services, emphasis on quality, highly qualified teachers, translators and interpreters, friendly atmosphere, customer-oriented approach and affordable prices – all this makes us your valuable partner on your journey through the world of languages.

At Horizonty, we offer interesting and lively language classes, which will provide you with all you expect and might even exceed your expectations. We teach in small groups (up to 4 students) and a family atmosphere prevails. At Horizonty, it is easy to learn and to live a language.

Permanent quality is as important to us as our relaxed and friendly atmosphere. The satisfaction and success of our students and customers is our best advertisement…

What makes the difference…

Our company is a completely private and independent institution, focused on high standards of provided services and 100% transparency. This is demonstrated by the fact that unlike the great majority of companies in the same business we continuously publish our updated price lists for our services. For ten years we have been striving hard to work in your favour and we trust that all we do, we do well…

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