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About us

The start of the Language Agency Horizonty dates back to the year 2001, when we began, Petr Řezníček and Miluše Řezníčková, to run the business as an association of two natural persons. From the very beginning we focused on language teaching, and specifically on those languages which we had studied at university level – English and German. A great advantage was our work and study experience in foreign countries (Petr Řezníček – United States, Miluše Řezníčková – Germany).

In 2002 we leased the first classrooms used for language teaching in Chelčického Street in České Budějovice. Due to our individual approach to our clients and small language groups (up to 4 students), the number of our clients grew quickly. At this time we realized that it was necessary to open up opportunities to other, carefully selected new teachers – graduates of the Pedagogical Faculties. Thus, we leased other classrooms, which we changed for study and teaching purposes.

Since 2003 we have established cooperation with several language schools in England, Ireland and Germany, and have started to offer courses abroad for our clients.

In September 2004 the company Horizonty, s.r.o. was established – its core activities were language teaching, translations and interpreting and arrangement of studies abroad at our partner schools all over the world.
To improve the environment for our continuously increasing numbers of students and teachers, we leased the second floor of an historical building in Krajinská Street in the heart of České Budějovice in 2005. And just there we welcomed our current and new students in the school year 2005/2006.

Currently, we have 4 fully equipped classrooms and offices in České Budějovice – Krajinská 43, as well as 2 fully equipped classrooms and an office in Prague, at Francouzská 6, at our disposal.

Since the very beginning of our activities we have built on our many years of experience with translations and interpreting for several foreign companies and institutions, and we have built up a team of high-quality translators of both general and specialized texts. We also employ experienced native speakers, who work on proof-readings of our translations and texts sent by clients. At the moment, we translate more than twenty languages and thanks to foreign translators we are able to do so in many language combinations.

Dům ve Francouzské ulici, PrahaFor our clients who decide to travel and study abroad, we provide studies at our partner schools in more than 30 destinations all over the world.

On 14 August 2006, we opened our Prague branch Horizonty, s.r.o. After a shaky start to our Prague office, operations were successfully stabilized and we are now even thinking of expansion.

Our company is customer-oriented and we strive to provide top class quality service at acceptable prices for our customers.

Currently, we co-operate with a team of 135 colleagues who work hard for our customers and strive to achieve their full satisfaction.

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