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Our methods

We are experienced in high-quality teaching and we strive to share our experience with you. We understand the importance of choosing the right language course, thus we are one of the very few or maybe the only language school to offer you a face-to-face interview, where we determine your language level and your language needs. Based on this, we will recommend you to the most suitable language course, in compliance with the Common European Reference Framework for Languages (CEFR).

In the case of corporate clients, we place the students based on a comprehensive language audit, by means of the Oxford on-line test. Progress in learning is observed by regular testing of achievements and progress and at the end of the course we conduct a final examination. After this process a final report is written. This final report shows the areas in which the students should focus on improvement of their language skills.

We are aware of the fact that all languages consist of more than vocabulary and grammar. Our balance between conversation, listening, grammar, reading and writing, in connection with many additional audio, video and CD-ROM elements is a guarantee of a comprehensive language education in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere.


In our small language classes (up to 4 students), we usually communicate by the language which is taught in the class. Our experienced and committed teachers (many of them have been with us for many years) guarantee that you get all you expect and that your expectations might even be exceeded. During the classes every student is given the opportunity to express him/herself.


All-year round we organize semester classes (for up to 4 students) on 6 various levels (beginners-advanced). These classes normally last for 15 weeks. We have implemented the commonly used system of the Common European Reference Framework for Languages (CEFR) into our courses. This official pattern helps you discover your language level and measure how long it takes to reach the next milestone in your education.


Homework is an important part of learning. Even if it is sometimes unpleasant, it is necessary for students to be in contact with the language even outside of their lessons. For this reason we require teachers to give homework to students, and thus students are given the opportunity to revise all language teaching from previous lessons. Our experience has confirmed that there are many important factors which contribute to the learning process. Therefore for various types of students we combine various methodological approaches. We combine communicative teaching models with grammar and listening – the majority of languages have a fixed core structure and to express oneself correctly requires acquiring basic grammar structures.


No alternative method is perfect. Before you decide on a course which offers greater learning in a week or a month than is usual, it is necessary to remember the proverb: “No bees, no honey; no work, no money” . Without proper study, it is difficult to learn anything well. The experience of our students who come to our school after being trained by these methods supports this fact.

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